Technologies & Services are Keys to our Success

Wonderware Services

  • All Products License Support
  • Upgradation services for advanced and new Versions of Wonderware
  • Scada Replacement jobs
  • Complete Scada development services
  • AMC / Man day basis services support in Wonderware solution
  • Manpower supply of certified Wonderware engineers
  • MES solution development and service support

Business Process Automation

We help businesses automate processes involving repetitive activities. We have deep expertise in automating processes in IT operations (new use onboarding), financial services (account payable provisioning, payment processing, reconciliation and claims processing), manufacturing processes (price comparison, reporting, and data monitoring), and government processes (verification, integrating legacy systems and daily reports).


Looking for other Automation Services

Our automation-first approach, backed by proprietary end-to-end workflow-driven platforms, help analyze complex application portfolios, and design automation strategies right from the transition phase.

Our platform-led service delivery accelerates end-to-end L1 automation in the areas of server, database, application, network, and security.

Auto code generation through CodeMill helps develop quality code which is tailor-made to meet client’s specific standards faster than ever before.

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Health check monitoring,security monitoring & Help organization to consolidate all of the data and process into a single tool.

SDLC Processes

Covers a range of home-grown platforms to accelerate end-to-end IT lifecycle automation


We help achieve maximum automation in infrastructure management, both on premise and on cloud

Quality Assurance Processes

We help clients with end-to-end automation testing from Highly Trained Experts.