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Bulk Mail Service

About Bulk Mail

We are offering lots of marketing services in India. But among them our Bulk Email service helps our customer to get sophisticated and targeted inquiries which have maximum conversation ratio. We provide Bulk Email marketing solution in India at best price and with online web based software. Unlike Bulk SMS service, Bulk E-mail Service helps users to send bulk emails to their existing users as well as for Marketing Purpose. Emails can be sent in the form of HTML Templates or Text or Attachments.


  • Quicker and cheaper than direct communication.
  • Increase leads and sales.
  • Maximize brand visibility.
  • Give your site a competitive advantage.
  • Become a cost effective addition to your online marketing mix


1. Transactional Email

Transactional email means an email containing only the content opted in by the recipient.

  • Transactional email must not contain any word or phrases which are SPAM
  • From Email id should always be corporate id and not any Gmail , Yahoo, or other public domain email id.
  • Email must be sent only to subscribe database.
  • High rate of Bounce and Spam report will lead to deactivation of account in order to maintain our service quality
  • Sender email Id can be Defined but needs verification
  • 24*7 Email delivery
  • 1 Year Validity